The 2021 Recruitment Team


The Recruitment Team is comprised of the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, the Assistant Recruitment Directors, the Panhellenic Executive Team, and the Rho Gammas.


To contact the Assistant Recruitment Directors, email

Assistant Recruitment Directors

Jackie O.

Lauren L.

  Letter From The Assistant Recruitment Directors

Dear Future Panhellenic Women,


Primary Sorority Recruitment gives you opportunities to start your college career by sharing values with Greek chapters at FAU. Sororities focus on education, philanthropy, and reaching your highest potential!


We are so excited that you decided to go through Primary Sorority Recruitment at Florida Atlantic University.  Going through Formal Sorority Recruitment allows women to learn how each organization participates collectively to better the Greek community. Greek Life at FAU provides you with the opportunity to not only meet like-minded women and find a home away from home, but also to expand your horizons throughout your collegiate experience.


Going through Primary Sorority Recruitment can seem overwhelming at certain times, but school always comes first. Each night of Primary Sorority Recruitment is planned around school. If you have any conflict with scheduling, each woman is encouraged to speak with their Recruitment Counselor or the Assistant Directors of Recruitment. 


As Assistant Directors of Recruitment, we are here to help you in any way, along with the rest of the Recruitment Team, to make the Primary Sorority Recruitment experience the best it can be. We promise to be approachable and find answers to questions that seem unanswered.


We hope you join us in this time of transition and we hope that the Greek Community can change your life the way it has changed ours!



2021 Rho Gammas

Sammi S.


Ava S.


Erica S.

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Scarlett T.

090EEB7C-0CA6-48ED-80DF-5F0B555B3A90 - S

Ana S.


Marianna G.


Paloma C.


Lauren K.


Amanda M.


Taylor D.


Bailey S.


Rebekah F.


Haley T.


Mikayla V.


Shirel B.


Vanessa P.

4D8C1170-C07F-402A-AF95-C44173F66701 - V

Alexis V.

5B6F3870-20EA-40AB-8C03-0D3332CAE6EE - H

Leticia B.


Avery H.


Briana K.

8EB423BB-8517-4A2A-A766-08991E7859D9 - B

Kayla T.

1BC8CC66-77E2-4B38-8E1F-9BACF6A547FE - K

Morgan D.


Victoria T.


Kylie C.

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